Code Commit Log

Commit Date  
[r9] by ingo

released new package

2020-08-31 21:16:48 Tree
[r8] by ingo

added library as binary

2020-08-31 21:13:23 Tree
[r7] by ingo

- added JSON dump to driver
- corrected the solar values (S15/S16)

2020-08-31 21:12:22 Tree
[r6] by ingo

updated compiler version, so that check all pool objects succeeds

2019-10-06 00:03:41 Tree
[r5] by ingo

saved library in SP15 binary format to check if Drone works again after that

2019-10-05 21:56:23 Tree
[r4] by ingo


2019-09-16 15:37:43 Tree
[r3] by ingo

Added device description and initial package

2018-12-29 13:51:35 Tree
[r2] by ingo

Initial Import of the driver library

2018-12-29 13:46:04 Tree
[r1] by ingo

Created directory ...

2018-12-29 13:45:03 Tree