Code Commit Log

Commit Date  
[r10] by aliazzz
2018-12-30 19:25:44 Tree
[r9] by aliazzz

new library directory

2018-12-30 19:25:17 Tree
[r8] by aliazzz

working beta
interface update

2018-12-30 18:55:55 Tree
[r7] by aliazzz

Todo: declare DUT (struct) like IO driver in the DevDesc that is identical to the IO Driver

2018-12-29 22:43:35 Tree
[r6] by aliazzz
2018-12-29 22:22:38 Tree
[r5] by aliazzz

Added IoDrvFb template as startingpoint

2018-12-29 19:19:58 Tree
[r4] by aliazzz

First Commit

write devdescr.xml,
write Test_FB simulation code
write IoDrvMEGAIO.IODrvReadIputs,
write IoDrvMEGAIO.IODrvUpdateConfiguration,
write IoDrvMEGAIO.IODrvWriteOutputs,

2018-11-22 22:22:26 Tree
[r3] by aliazzz
2018-11-22 22:17:16 Tree
[r2] by aliazzz
2018-11-22 22:17:05 Tree
[r1] by aliazzz
2018-11-22 22:16:52 Tree