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--- a
+++ b/trunk/IoDrvMEGAIO/IoDrvFB/ICmpIoDrv/IoDrvStartBusCycle/svnobj
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+ü-System.StringL{f8a58466-d7f6-439f-bbb8-d4600e41d099}ImplementationL{3b83b776-fb25-43b8-99f2-3c507c9143fc}TextDocumentL{f3878285-8e4f-490b-bb1b-9acbb7eb04db}TextLinesL{a5de0b0b-1cb5-4913-ac21-9d70293ec00d}	Id
+longTagText
rIoDrvStartBusCycle_Count := IoDrvStartBusCycle_Count + 1;¨//if background diagnosis is not active call IoDrvGetModuleDiagnosis; normally it will be called by the runtime if DRVPROP_BACKGROUND_GETDIAG is setFIF NOT _xBackGroundDiagStarted THENÔ	IoDrvGetModuleDiagnosis(m_pConnector); //DRVPROP_BACKGROUND_GETDIAG not set or runtime version < V3.5.1.0END_IFÈ//optional: call IoDrvWatchdogTrigger or set driver property DRVPROP_WATCHDOG in UpdateConfigurationBIoDrvWatchdogTrigger(pConnector);2IF NOT _bDeactivated THEN:	_Instance.AfterReadInputs();@	_Instance.BeforeWriteOutputs();HIoDrvStartBusCycle := Errors.ERR_OK;InterfaceL{a9ed5b7e-75c5-4651-af16-d2c27e98cb94}BMETHOD IoDrvStartBusCycle : UDINTVAR_INPUTV	pConnector : POINTER TO IoConfigConnector;END_VARVARÐÐÐEÐÐ	
+­ÚÐ-
+­/ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­'ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­(ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­)ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­%ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­.ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­&ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­*ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­2ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­0ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­1ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­3ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­-ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­!ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
+­$ÚÐ-ÐÐ	
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