CODESYS Automation Server with new features


Release date: 28.06.2021

Now available for download in the CODESYS Store: CODESYS Automation Server
with new features »

What’s new?

  • Arrays and structures are now supported in the Data Analyzer.
  • The configuration tab of the PLC details view was restructured for clarity and better usability.
  • For embedding external websites in web visualizations, you now whitelist them in the PLC configuration tab.

The update only applies to the live system. There is no new version for the
CODESYS Automation Server Connector and the CODESYS Service Tool.

Try it out for free! Throughout 2021, the CODESYS Automation Server is
available without a basic monthly fee.

Check out services and pricing.


Posted by CODESYS Forge 2021-06-28

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