#23 Logout not working correct


Logout not working properly if authenticated with https://account.codesys.com.


  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2018-09-24

    What doesn't work as expected?

  • ferag.com

    ferag.com - 2018-09-24

    When I logout and re-login into the page, the login dialog is not shown, the page reloads with the previous logged in user. To solve this problem I have to close the Session in https://account.codesys.com .

  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2018-09-25

    Thanks! Can you please recheck if the behvior is now more as expected? Because actually the behavior before was intended. I thought that I realized it similar to how Google is doing it. But I fully understand that it was confiusing. Now, you should be loged out in both services when you click on Logout in Forge. But you will also be redirected to forge when you click on sign-out in your CODESYS Account.

  • heinzf

    heinzf - 2018-09-25

    Now it works. Thanks.

  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2018-09-25
    • status: open --> closed

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