#35 Usage of the "Professional Developer Edition" add-ons in cForge for free?



I was thinking the following:
Somehow you guys made it possible to use "CODESYS SVN" in combination with cForge for free. (Hardcoded realm/domain whitelist in svn plugin?). So I was wondering if it is also possible to open a free usage of the Application Composer in combination with cForge.
This because my personal interest goes out to the Application Composer as it's features a very very powerful (I did some projects with it)
But extending on this, maybe it's possible to have the rest of these "Professional Developer Edition" work for free in combination with cForge also? I'd definatly think that would be awesome!
The benefits that we as a community will have;
we can develop realy high quality code to showcase/ inspire other users,
we can get a introduced to the advanced features of CODESYS in a more meaningful manner then possible with a demo license,
we can and can extend our knowledge on usage of these tools (personal development),
last but not least not forgeting the positive side of very good word to mouth advertisment of the CODESYS brand!
Thanks to cForge I have a very good experience with with SVN now (! btw thanks for this Ingo!) in such a manner that my employer decided to obtain some SVN licenses. So the word of mouth part is very powerfull.

 Hoping on your consideration to release these tools for free for usage on cForge (like SVN)



  • bernhard_werner

    bernhard_werner - 2018-11-28

    Hi Aliazzz,

    I think this is a good idea, we should definitely consider supporting cForge development as best as we can. The technical side is not so easy to solve, though. I could imagine a solution on base of the new automation server: https://www.automation-server.com/.
    But anyway: we will discuss your proposal.


  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2018-11-28

    Hi Bernhard,

    Thank you for your feedback. I am glad my idea will get discussed and look forward to the anwser of this discussion and what it will lead to.

    PS I have not seen the Automation-Server yet, apart from the announcements and website.

  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2019-10-13

    Any news on this?


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