#51 How do I get online access to a git without cloning the repo locally?


Hi there,

I am currently trying to "burrow" into a GIT repo served on this server.
I am using WebDAV for this. The authentication is succesful, but I keep getting barred, i.e. access denied etc.

So, my question is the following:
How do I get online access to a git served on cForge without cloning the repo locally? I want it to access it without versioning so in a Webdav/FTP like manner.

Hoping to hear from you and offcourse thank you in advance!



  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2019-05-24

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  • codesys.com

    codesys.com - 2019-05-25

    Hi Aliazzz,

    WebDAV is a nice feature of the SVN protocol. Until now I know of no alternative for Git. Maybe you will have GitLab in mind. But they have also a proprietary Git-SVN Bridge.

    BTW: your link didn't work.


    • aliazzz

      aliazzz - 2019-05-25

      My question is the following: please could you show us how we can use WebDAV to connect to the hosted git repo?
      I haven't been able to get connected via either;
      1. windows 10 explorer (map networkdrive) or
      2. via WinSCP

      The host responds, but does not give me access, so what am I doing wrong?

      PS the correct link;


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  • codesys.com

    codesys.com - 2019-05-25

    You do nothing wrong. The answer is:
    SVN uses WebDAV for the base communication. WebDAV is directly supported by browsers, so they can serve the SVN files.

    Git uses another protocol over HTTP to serve its files. You read very often, that Git can be used with WebDAV. But then the Git Repo is served as if you would place it on some other shared folder. It simply doesn't work as transparent as with SVN.

    The stack for SVN:

    [WebDAV Client] ->[Webserver] -> [SVN Repo]
    [SVN Client] ->[Webserver] -> [SVN Repo]

    The stack with Git:

    [Git Client] ->[Git HTTP Server] -> [Git Repo]

    Or with Git over WebDAV:

    [Git Client] -> [Webserver] -> [Files]
    [Git Client] ->[Webserver] -> [SVN Repo]
  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2019-05-25

    Yeah, your anwser is clear. I now see a big disadvantage in using Git. I suspected such a disadvantage allready for some time. This is why I want to migrate all my repo's to SVN. They are accessed (with or without versioning) very versatile.

    I will testdrive various git software for windows and report my results.


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  • codesys.com

    codesys.com - 2019-05-25
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    • aliazzz

      aliazzz - 2019-06-09

      Recommendation for Windows, use :
      git-scm together with


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