#65 Better presentation for CI/CD generated artifacts


Dear Support,

After tinkering with drone CI/CD for some time now, I have the feeling the "Admin - CI/CD" overlay page is not very userfriendly.
What currently is presented is a list of all automatic generated files via a default or useroveridden .yml file.
The list gets bigger as the complexity of the project (the software etc) grows. This is exactly where the issue is.
If the project is small, the page overlay is sufficient. However, in case of a larger project the overlay is seriously lacking comfortability and provides a poor oversight.

I'd strongly suggest a better presentation which holds up for both small and large projects alike.

With kind regards



  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2019-09-13

    The improved presentation should show (wanna haves):

    1. a overview of the result of the most recent build and not a link the file containing the result (the download link to the log should still be provided for offline study),
    2. an indication that a build has been triggered and when the build job is planned (estimation like "Build triggered, new job start within in the next 10 minutes)
    3. a rough time estimation/indication of the current active build if a job is allready running (current job is running .. mins).
    4. a dynamic update of the job progress.
    5. a paged table of generated artifacts with links to the artifacts and creation times (from the most recent job)
    6. whenever a link is clicked the original page should stay open when the result ends up in a 404 or so (argh!)

    I am sure more wishes will come to mind but this is a big wishlist for now


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  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2019-09-15
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