PLCHandler callbacks using DLL:s C-interface

  • jaxelsson

    jaxelsson - 2019-01-23


    We are trying to use the PLCHandler to read values from the PLC. The host application is written in Delphi and we use the C-interface of the DLL.

    In the supplied h-file (PLCHandlerItf.h) there are two callback functions defined (PLCHANDLERSCANNETWORKCALLBACK and PLCHANDLERBACKUPRESTORERESULTCALLBACK). There are no callbacks functions defined for the data change and state change callbacks though. I have tried using these callbacks without success.
    Are these callback functions not supported using the C-interface? If it is, how shall the callback functions be declared and used?

    I do get the ScanNetwork callback working but as mentioned, not the state change or data change callbacks.

  • jaxelsson

    jaxelsson - 2019-02-27

    I got information from CodeSys that they are working on an update of the C-interface and at least some callbacks will be added (DataChange and UpdateReady).


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