How can i set or reset an analog function?

  • Ties22

    Ties22 - 2018-12-10

    I have made an analog function block that will do the analog stuff. If it is possible i want to set and reset the function block with a digitial signal from a button. can anyone give me some advice on how to do this? I can't really find anything that will make me able to combine the digital and analog signals.

  • andrzey13

    andrzey13 - 2019-07-29

    I sugest to do it in FBD using SEL function block. It works like IF function. It has got 3 inputs and 1 output. First input is a trigger (your bool varable). When bool=FALSE, then output takes 2 input, when bool=TRUE, then output takes 3 input. So solution is like this. 1in=bool variable, 2in=var_in_out, 3in=your_analog_signal, out=var_in_out. It will work like a buffer.


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