s45er - 2021-11-30

Hello, trying to integrate the C code in Automation Builder. The purpose of this code is to convert base64 encoded message. The C function will be called in CoDeSyS.

The base64 converter code works successfully in MPLAB (running on PIC32)

However when I try to integrate it, I cant do it, since in available data types I cant choose array of uint, only data types without array. The picture shows the dialogue of C code app in Automation Builder (CoDeSys data types).

I had a thought maybe I can use a STRING, as array of UINT, in CoDeSys by applying pointers, but not sure.
May be some has encountered the same problem ? Or knows possible solution ?

I apologize for offtopic, but dont know where to ask, thought CoDeSys forum best place, since Automation Builder refers to CoDeSys data types.


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