Expanding the Print Area in Default.DFR

  • zimbricd

    zimbricd - 2008-04-04

    Is it possible to expand the red hatched area in the DEFAULT.DFR layout so that CFC programs can be printed to large format printers (e.g. A3, A2, A1 or D,C,B sized sheets)?

  • zimbricd

    zimbricd - 2019-12-19

    So I am answering my own post 11 years later! I was looking at my past posts and this caught my eye.

    This applies to Version 2.3.x

    If you select File > Printer Setup, then select the "Printer setup" button, you can select any printer that you have previously installed in your O/S for your PC. You can also set the properties of this printer. Setting properties will directly affect the "red print area" when you select and edit the DFR file.

    If you need a large format, select the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and you will have large format sheets available to you for printing.


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