Controlling Analogue

  • Payam30

    Payam30 - 2017-11-03

    I got as a training some assignment to work with analogue input outputs in codeSys. I have some question to ask here and hopefully someone can give a hint
    Inputs of type WORD. What can I use them for? What can I store in those types?
    How do I work with analogue signals? I usually work with BOOLs. But if you have a output slot 0-10 v. How do you decide how much to send out? What analogue signals are used for?

    This is a Codesys forum but I would anyway ask you something about Warp Engineering Studio. When you make an Object of a HMI och drag it to the workspace . you name the object from "ix developer project" to something else. When generating it 1: does not created a project with that name. 2: gives the error about "this channel can not be used. set "SessionInputShutdown to false" ... ". Do you have the PLC and hmi online when generating projects for these components?

    Thanks in advance

  • shooter

    shooter - 2017-11-06

    Put every question in a separate message, as this is a lot easier to read.

    An analog input is always a WORD and runs from +7 to ... something like 32760
    you can make this engineering values by mapping the variable to an engineering value.

    for example 1 to 5 BAR.
    Now you can use this to compare, or make a PID controller or whatever you like.

    An output is same and works from 7 to 32760 for example, the lowest 3 bits are for status. It is dependent of the PLC and card used.


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