Runtime PLCNext and working with a vendor specific bus

  • julia

    julia - 2019-09-16

    I have a problem with the package for PLCNext PLC (Phoenix Contact). I want to configure some startup parameters of the I/O modules behind the PLC while the program is running. For example, I want to change the behaviour when the Profinet communication to another device is lost: Sometimes I want to set all outputs to zero, sometimes I want to hold the last value.

    I don't have a program right now, just imagine a boolean which I use to decide between these options.

    The user manual states that acyclic services named can be used for that. As the controller is a Phoenix Contact controller, this acyclic service is a Phoenix Contact special service for the bus directly behind the PLC. There is a library for PLCNext when installing the runtime but I don't get where I can find the function blocks to set or read the startup parameters.
    I also thought starting with the Get_DeviceInfo function block would help but I don't get how and if I have to initialise the DEVICE_INFO structure.

    I would appreciate your answers, I am a little bit lost here .
    I have already tested the example for the CAA_Device_Diagnosis library but that works with known fieldbuses like Ethernet and did not help me.

    Thanks everyone

  • julia

    julia - 2019-09-16

    Hey everyone,

    I found out that the so called PDI services are not available yet. Another release coming next year will have this feature.

    I hope that anyone with the same problem will now find his/her answer.


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