Symbol Configuration File

  • kjenkins

    kjenkins - 2017-02-21

    I am having issues creating a symbol configuration list. I go to "Options" and select both "Dump symbol entries" and ump XML symbol table", then when I click the "Configure symbol file..." button, it opens the window that contains all of the variables. All objects in this window are selected with a blue highlight. I am trying to only "view" certain variables in the OPC server, so I click to de-select all the items and select only the variables I want to see. At the bottom of the window I have selected "Export variables of object" and "Write access". When I click OK, I go back to the "Configure symbol file..." and everything is selected again. If I load the program to the PLC, the OPC server sees all variables, not just the ones I wanted. Am I doing something incorrectly when making my symbol file? Thanks.

  • enerhid

    enerhid - 2017-02-24

    When you open "Configure symbol file", firstly remove the tick at "Export variable of objects", then select which variables you need and then tick the "Export variable of objects" option back again.

    I think you have to do it that way, IIRC.


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