Reset ET value of TON timer

  • arunas

    arunas - 2016-10-03

    Hello, I need to have delayed output every time input changes from false to true. For now I'm getting this only once. In the codesys help I have found this:
    "As soon as IN becomes TRUE, the time will begin to be counted in milliseconds in ET until its value is equal to PT. It will then remain constant."

    How I can reset value of ET so that I could delay my output multiples times, not once?


  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-10-03

    if you put the IN on FALSE the ET will reset. maybe you will need a RISE trigger and that negated to get a FALSE trigger when your input changes.

  • arunas

    arunas - 2016-10-04

    thx for your answer. indeed when IN falls to 0 ET resets. the timer was in an IF statement where it did not get a chance to reset, because the input was putted in a condition, sorry about that, now it works.


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