General Guidance Request -- Codsys integration with Fanuc robot

  • integrator

    integrator - 2018-04-18

    I am totally new to Codesys and EtherNet/IP so I would like to ask if they are the right tools to use for a specific application, as follows:

    Objective: Integrate a Fanuc R-2000iA robot arm to plasma cut steel, with a Raspberry Pi touch screen computer as a user interface.

    • The Fanuc RJ3iB control on the R-200iA robot can be set up as an EtherNet/IP adapter.
    • The Fanuc control has a facility that will monitor the state of 18 digital inputs, so I need a way for the Raspberry Pi to set the state of those digital inputs.
    • We prefer to build a web based interface using, PHP, Javascript, and Python.
    • The operator will select from a menu of parts to plasma cut on a web page.
      What I need to know at this point is if Codesys is the right tool to set this up.


    • Ron
  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-04-27

    I think yes it is, maybe start with the Pi, but if you need more industrial you
    Could maybe switch to Janz emPc or any CODESYS device which is CODESYS V3 capable.


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