• stijndegrez

    stijndegrez - 2016-12-16

    how can i delete tags in a array.
    array [1 to 64]:words.
    I only need the tags from [1..4] but not tag [5],[6] /11 12 /17 18 etc...
    only first 4 words (word 5 en 6 not needed also to some for 11 12 etc until 64)

    here a example put not correct programmed like it must be...arraynew[1]:=arrayold[1]arraynew[2]:=arrayold[2]arraynew[3]:=arrayold[3]arraynew[4]:=arrayold[4]arraynew[5]:=arrayold[7]arraynew[6]:=arrayold[8]arraynew[7]:=arrayold[9]arraynew[8]:=arrayold[10]

  • Anonymous - 2016-12-18

    Originally created by: scott_cunningham

    If you want to use ARRAY type, then you need to manually shift data yourself like:

    Data[0] := Data[0];
    Data[1] := Data[1];
    Data[5] := Data[7];
    Data[6] := Data[8];

    It may be possible of course to use variables with a skip routine instead of hard coding...

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-12-26

    well stijn the program you made should work, (did you declare both arrays correct in the varaiable list?
    what errors do you see?


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