WATEK - 2017-03-10


I work with an CR1082 from IFM and have a little problem.

I have created a text field where I have made a VAR for the font name that I change from Arial to Arialc (Arial with Cyrillic letters) when Russian language is chosen. And it works well except when I want Cyrillic X????

The problem is that I want to use Cyrillic letter X in a STRING in CoDeSys. I have made the translation letter for letter (A=Π€, B=И, C=Π‘, D=Π’ etc.) but when it comes to Cyrillic letter X i don't get it to work. It should be the key next to the right of P ("Γ…" in my case because I have a swedish keyboard) but it doesn't work. This is maybe not a specific CoDeSys problem but when I switch to Russian keyboard (Alt+Shift) and press Γ… in Excel it works. Maybe itΒ΄s the Font Arialc that is the problem?

I know how to use xml-files for dynamic language switching, I use that for other texts in my project. But in this case I want to define the text directly in a STRING.

I would be very happy if someone could solve or at least give me some hints about this problem.