Biggles - 2018-12-07

Codesys V2.3.9.49 (Build NoV 17, 2015)
750-881 Controller
750-652 RS232/485 Serial Interface
Beka BA488C Serial Text Display


Good Morning all,
I'm a newby to Codesys and have been tasked to establish communications from 750-652 (Master) to Beka BA488C (Slave) to send ASCII Text under BAKA protocol which is not MODBUS RTU.

I need to gain an understanding of:

What Libraries do I need to add to the project if at all
How to configure 750-652 as Master
What variables I need to declare in POU

If anyone has a code example in ST that demonstrates how the above can be achieved I would be most obliged for any assistance.

Please don't be offended if I test your patience with lots of potentially stupid questions whilst I learn.

Thank you.