Login-to-PLC problems

  • dannoska

    dannoska - 2016-09-14

    Hallo, sometimes a problem with LAN (TCP/IP) login to PLC (from CoDeSys) occurs. CoDeSys selects one project/instalaltion, which it "refuses to connect to"....
    When I choose the On-Line/login function, CoDeSys does not log to the PLC, or - to be exact - does not display the on-line values. Neverthelles, the CoDeSys gateway server shows to be "active", as well as the blue icon of the Connection shows active connection the CODeSys itself remains off-line (and few dozens of seconds later it annouces Connection failure - Disconnected) - I mean in the "program editing" look, not displaying the values. Also in the CoDeSys Menu the option On-line remains "selectable"...
    To exclude problems in my connection, firewall.... I tried to open another (you can say any other) project and to "go on-line" - no problem.
    Sometimes it helps to wait few hours (withoout any action "on site", or settings change on my notebook) or to restart the PLC (if I do not time to wait...) and the conenction runs smoothly.
    Does anybody know, what (and how) is to be reset/deleted to enable the connection in such case?
    (Have CoDeSys running on Win 7/64 bit Professional...)

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-09-21

    sometimes resetting the computer is the solution, It is caused by windows 7 doing strange things with ports etc.


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