Dinamic assignement of a variable

  • isabellaV

    isabellaV - 2016-06-21

    I'm programming a quadricopter and in the visualization windows I insert the position I need to reach.
    This values are assigned to some specific variables which are used in the FB.
    How can I dinamically assigned those to some other in the FB?
    I need to do that because the other variables are also used in the Plant.

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-06-22

    a locally defined var is in every instance of a function block has another name. maybe you will need to use a in/out var.
    btw this question belongs in V3 .
    I also hope codesys is fast enough to control your copter as a PLC tends to be too slow for these type of fast operating things.

  • isabellaV

    isabellaV - 2016-06-28

    Hi, there's my problem.
    I need to dinamically modify the inputs of a FB by using values which are given as input in a visualization window.
    Then I need to assing those values to another variables that are the outputs of the same FB.
    There's a way to do that?

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-06-28

    in a function block there are inputs outputs and in/outputs possible.
    that way you can keep setting values or integrator from the out back to the in.

    please give sample project as export file and what do you need. as i am not sure what the question is.


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