iamnotarobot - 2019-10-25

I am trying to open a project created in 2.3.9 SP3 in 2.3.9 SP8. I get the error-message saying "error while reading target information". After clicking okay i don't see the error again. Is this a problem?

Seconde issue is that i am most probably using the wrong CanUser-library. When first opened the library manager is missing all librarys. Among others it is looking for CanUser.lib 27.3.12. I correct the library path and it connects with CanUser.lib 17.1.12. When trying to build i receive a bunch of error messages regarding this library. Does anyone know how to get ahold of this library? I have tried searching generally on internet and on codesys-site without progress

Thankful for all help and input //

IMG: Canuser.lib Codesys2.PNG

IMG: Error while reading target information.jpg