jajamy - 2019-10-02


I'm stuck with this for a while. To make a "table" with 4 pistons on each corner stabilise on its own. But the problem is the pistons don't send any information about it's extend status. There is a bank angle sensor for the x and y axle.
So I thought that if x > 0 that the 2 rear extend until x = 0. But we don't know when pistons are fully extended. So if x stays on an angle for 5seconds long that the 2 front will invert.
the things I know:
Piston don't move = 0
Piston extand = 1
Pistend invert = 2

The bank angle sensor goes from
-450 to 450 (-45° to 45°)

so my question is: is there a solution for it? THANKS