What subversion server is recommended to use with the SVN plugin?

  • ontdk

    ontdk - 2020-12-03

    Hello everybody.

    I'm curious. What subversion server software are you guys using together with the CODESYS SVN plugin?

    Are there any subversion servers that work particularly well with the CODESYS SVN plugin or do you have any experiences with SVN servers that are giving problems?

    Best regards

  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2020-12-03

    There are many flavours separated roughly into 2 groups:
    Private or Public hosted SVN/Git repository (repo) servers

    Private Repo server;
    Apache Subversion: https://subversion.apache.org/ or
    Visual SVN: https://www.visualsvn.com/

    Public Repo servers;
    Here on Cforge (with FREE SVN usage of the CODESYS client),
    Gitlab etc etc etc.

    Don't ask me which is better for your scenario ;-) as I can only give my personal opinion. I have use all above systems and they have their specific quirks and benefits. Try them yourself and decide what to use based on your needs.

    Plus they all work fine with CODESYS SVN (if oldschool SVN is supported) but usage on other then CForge you need a valid license. CODESYS SVN itself is NOT a bad tool, but requires quite some hardware resources (CPU, memory), some patience (and bandwidth) and a lot of "love" and is often criticized for being unresponsive, which is IMHO not always entirely fair to CODESYS (but this is my personal opinion).

    Git for CODESYS had been announced over a year ago on a CODESYS users conference I attended but I don't know its status so don't ask me, ask CODESYS!

    Working/using SCM tools like SVN or Git in a "correct" manner means willingness to invest time, patience and making mistakes(!) in getting to know the tools on a deeper level apart from "I typed this according my cheat-sheet". As long as you have a good backup of your work you should be fine.

    Good luck and keep us informed!


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    • ontdk

      ontdk - 2021-01-22

      Just for information and following up.

      We have decided to use an VisualSVN server, that our IT department have installed and will maintain.

      It works fine so far :-)


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