enabling OPC UA connectivity while using motion control SM3_basic library gives build error

  • jml69

    jml69 - 2018-08-17


    I am using SM3_Basic library in my project. I need to connect to OPC UA and for this reason I added the object > Symbol configuration and I checked the option ([X]-enable OPC UA connectivity) But only due to SM3_Basic library this Symbol configuration gives build error. This works file if I do this in other projects which is not using the SM3_basic library. Some reference error is shown from the SM3_basic library visualization section. I have attached error screenshot here. Can anyone help ?


    IMG: 2018

  • jml69

    jml69 - 2018-08-17

    I can upload the project file if someone wants to have a look.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-08-22

    Please create a bug report on store.codesys.com.. including the projectarchive


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