Codesys versioning support

  • lam.le

    lam.le - 2019-10-21

    Hi all,
    I have written the driver for our HW by creating a devdesc and driver code following IoDrvVerySimple template. Our device driver does not use or create any library. Now I want to add versioning support for our driver but it seems codesys only support version check between libary and runtime system?

    After investigation, it seems the possible way is:
    1. Create a new library.
    2. Edit devdesc and set the library as requiredLib (eventhough they are not related).
    3. Now there is constraint between devdesc and runtime system: devdesc -> lib -> runtime.

    Other way is to have a hidden version parameter in devdesc and check it in driver code. However, this does not prevent download if version does not match.

    Could anyone point out a correct way to implement version constraint for devdesc please. Thanks.

  • lam.le

    lam.le - 2019-11-12

    I figured out myself using a hidden parameter on every device descriptor for versioning check.


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