MQTT Support

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  • Stefan2

    Stefan2 - 2019-03-21


    done some work on my library.

    And i made a example how to create a project where all topics are createt by the names of the FB instances and the Project structure.



  • RodneyC

    RodneyC - 2019-09-18

    So has anyone used the 3s MQTT library much? I've toyed with it a bit and I can do mostly what I want to do, but I'm now running into TCP_READ_ERROR and TCP_WRITE_ERROR when using a client from multiple POUs. Is there any documentation anywhere other than the example applications? Anyone know if there are rules on when you can execute a publish FB (other FB must not be busy, etc) or can you simply call them?

    Any help would be awesome. The price is steep for no documentation.

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