how to add TextList

  • lazybug

    lazybug - 2012-07-06

    I tried to make a dynamic texts display

    The online help said there need to have a TextList. The problem I met is there is no such options (" ⇘ Add Object' / Textlist") as the help described. I tried on both POUs and Devices window, without luck. Is anyone can give me a hint?

    thank you very much


  • Anonymous - 2012-07-06

    Originally created by: M.Schaber

    Hi, Jeff,

    main CoDeSys V3 area.

    Second, in my CoDeSys, I can easily add Test Lists both under the application and in the POU view, as you can see in the 2 screenshots I attached.


    IMG: AddTextList2.png

    IMG: AddTextList.png


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