Execut Python Script in CoDeSys POU

  • Mark0ne

    Mark0ne - 2019-03-26

    Good day All,

    I am currently busy with a project where I need to run a python script from a condition/trigger in my SoMachine (CoDeSys) project.

    I was wondering if anyone could maybe inform me on a way to execute the file in Structured Text. Also I added the python file in my program (see attached). Keep in mind that it needs to execute while running on the PLC and the script might be executed multiple times in the program.

    I would appreciate any help or advice.

    Kind regards
    Markus Oosthuizen



  • Ioannis

    Ioannis - 2019-03-26

    I am also trying to run a python script inside a schneider m251 plc but haven't figured how yet. The script runs perfectly on my pc.
    Can anyone give a tip?
    The python script is the following:
    from twilio.rest import Client
    account_sid = 'xxxxxxxxx'
    auth_token = 'xxxxxxx'
    client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)

    message = client.messages \

  • agrobot

    agrobot - 2019-04-17

    Did he do it?

    I want to do the same, and I can not find the solution

  • mkeller

    mkeller - 2019-04-18

    Hi agrobot.

    agrobot hat geschrieben:
    Did he do it?
    I want to do the same, and I can not find the solution

    Take a look at the example for the Raspberry Pi and SenseHAT:


    This works because the Raspberry Pi has the python interpreter installed. If the PLC has not python interpreter it does not work.


  • agrobot

    agrobot - 2019-04-22

    I have doubts about how to call my python pwm script in the program, I did not have to do it, think you could help me

  • chris.beard

    chris.beard - 2019-07-03

    you could try building the script as a .exe using pyinstaller and calling this as a process using the PLC?


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