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Homing procedure

  • geenst

    geenst - 2022-11-10


    Is it possible to home on limited torque with the MC_HOME function block?
    i.e. go slowly in one direction until physical stop is reached

    The SMC_Homing block is using a sensor so I can't use that one.
    MC_HOME has only a few input parameters are connected, the other parameters can be "by the axis parameters". Does this mean the Reference to the Axis or parameters in the hardware device.
    Hardware device in my program is a SM_Drive_Virtual.

    Someone can help me how to implement this?


  • bruno-roth

    bruno-roth - 2022-11-11

    the "MC_Home" FB in Softmotion only starts a homing which will be executed direct from the real drive e.g. the Servo.

    For example a Lexium32M could execute this homing methods If you need a torque limited homing (homing on block) you need a real drive which have this functionality. On a virtual axis you dont need the MC_home use MC_Setposition.


    Last edit: bruno-roth 2022-11-11
  • ph0010421

    ph0010421 - 2022-11-14

    The drive's own torque-limit homing method is ok, but not for vertical axes.
    I made a sequence to set the drive's torque limit, then do a MC_Jog and wait for zero-speed.
    Then a MC_Home (method 35)


    Last edit: ph0010421 2022-11-14

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