Profinet I/O connection without GSD and project updating

5 days ago
  • asivakov

    asivakov - 2020-09-15

    Is there any way to connect to any profinet i/o devices using ONLY ST-code without CoDeSys project updating? Even if I had all info from GSD how can I use it in code?
    So far, with help of ProfinetCommon.DCP_identify I can get some info for CommFB.CNCT but dono why it's failing with error and status code 16#DB810104. May be watchdog timer need to be set somewhere?

  • ccwwppStep

    ccwwppStep - 5 days ago


    i think that this idea is not possible.
    May be you also using Siemens/Profinet/Profibus Devices before,
    While you need to connect the 3rd party devices with profinet/profibus,
    GSD/GSDML is must for the Controller Side.


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