Test Manager CompareVariableList test action

  • Bakkertje

    Bakkertje - 2015-12-09

    Hi Test Manager Developers,

    I have a few change request for the CompareVariableList test action of the Test Manager. This function is very useful and I use it many times. There are a few small issues which can be improved.
    1) Please, make auto completion also working in the “Value/From” value column. (This works already at the “Variable” column and in many other test action)
    2) When a global value of type integer is used for as “Timeout” value there is a warning “Required parameter should be a value of an integer type”. Please, remove this warning in this case. It works fine, and also by the CompareVariable test action is this working (without warning).

    Regards, Bakkertje

    The next software is used: Codesys V3.5 SP7 Patch 2 and Test Manager

    IMG: TestManager_CompareVariableList.PNG

  • mkeller

    mkeller - 2015-12-10


    For your first point we already have the entry TM-75 in our bug tracker and for the second point I just added TM-415.


  • Bakkertje

    Bakkertje - 2015-12-11

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks, for the information and adding this wish to your list of improvements.

    Regards, Bakkertje


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