ciexav - 2019-09-10


I have updated my system:
raspberry 4 to latest firmware V3.15.5.0
codesys development V3.5 SP15
codesys raspberry control package V3.15.5.0
Softmotion V4.6.0.0
No license

I have an ethercat slave controller and 2 dsp402 drives on ethercat with each steppermotor connected.

When going "online with download" and executing the program: no errors, altough, the motors have orange (and not green) pictures at the screen.
When going into "online CONFIG mode" : I get 6 errors see attachment(picture)

Before the update I had no problems with it.
(Raspberry 3 and V3.14.x.x versions and no license)

Is a license now obligated?


IMG: fault commisioning.PNG