Import / export Global Variable list using csv/excel

  • Anonymous - 2016-04-27

    Originally created by: vincent.devillers


    I am using CODESYS V3.5 SP8 Patch 2
    Is there a way to import / export Global variable list using CSV files?
    So we can generate variable lists in Excel and then import them in CODESYS.

    with kind regards

  • timvh

    timvh - 2016-04-27

    When you use tabs in the declaration of the variables in CODESYS (textual view), then you can just copy/paste the variables to/from Excel.
    Excel will use the Tabs to place the text in individual columns.

  • khoadio

    khoadio - 2018-12-18

    I have been working on this task for few day and I had solution for it. Following the steps:

    1/ Create Format of CSV file from Excel
    Need to have header: TextList ID Default (and optional different languages, for instances)
    In the TextList column, insert textlist name for every rows.

    2/ Create UTF-8 CSV to keep the Unicode font when importing to CODESYS.
    This step is required if you want to import UTF-8 text such as Germany characters
    - Create Excel content as step 1
    - Save As → Save as Type: CSV (Comma DElimited)(*.csv) → Tools → Web Options → Encoding → Save this document as: Unicode (UTF-8) → Fonts → Characters Set: Multilingual/ Unicode/Other Script → OK

    3/ Add CSV file into a new text list of CODESYS.
    - Right Click Application in CODESYS --> Add Object --> Text List --> Any Name
    - Double Click on new Text List just created --> In Textlist Tab from Menu Bar --> Import/Export Text List File --> Choose File to COmpare or to Export --> Browse to the CSV file you created from step 2.
    - Choose Import.

    --> New Text List with the name in CSV file will appear.

    - it is not required the ID column have to be number. You can insert words as well.
    - It is required to have an exact format for assigning text index. The text should be placed in ' ' mark. Example: 'Start'.
    - Case sensitive.
    - When importing more lists into 1 project, CODESYS automatically add all headers in every list together.

  • dFx

    dFx - 2018-12-18

    Unicode/UTF-8 is not a font, it's a character encoding.

    currently I'm using Notepad++ for mass import. (you can open a CSV from it, and play with nice replace functions like regex)


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