Problem logging in without deleteing foriegn apps

  • Shabroz.Gill

    Shabroz.Gill - 2016-05-02

    I have two apps running on a PLC. I want to redownload one of the applications without affecting the other running application. I use some thing like the following in teh script

    app = projects.primary.active_application
    online_app = online.create_online_application(app)
    online_app.login(OnlineChangeOption.Never, False)

    This should force download the code and not disturb the "foriegn app"
    When ever I try this I get a Login Failed error.

    Where as when I try

    online_app.login(OnlineChangeOption.Never, False)

    This works and it goes ahead and deletes the other application.

    Any help is appreciated

  • Anonymous - 2016-05-13

    Originally created by: M.Schaber


    As it's some time without a reply: has your problem been solved in the meantime?


  • Shabroz.Gill

    Shabroz.Gill - 2016-05-18

    No the problem described above is still there.

    I have split my script into two scripts, where the user runs the first script then manually logs in properly and then runs the second script. But this is a clunky way to do it.


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