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Connect to telnet server. Where to start?

3 days ago
2 days ago
  • rabaggett

    rabaggett - 3 days ago


    I think I may have had this in the wrong forum. Apologies for the duplicate post.

    I am trying to control a couple of devices from a WAGO PFC100. Namely a Siglent SSG3021 and a SEGGER flasher hub.

    They both have TELNET servers available, and I would like to control them this way. It seems simple.. Everything I need is available with simple and direct commands and their equally simple responses.

    How do I implement a TELNET client in Codesys. I've looked at OSCAT, It looks very simple to do nice things via TELNET, but everything there seems server-side and I do not see an example for connecting TO a server.

    My ignorance of the WAGO plc and Codesys is profound.. although I am proficient with many other PLCs. Perhaps it is so simple that it is not mentioned?

    How do I go about connecting to and interacting with a TELNET server from Codesys?

    Even a reference to some documentation on this matter would be helpful.


  • rabaggett

    rabaggett - 2 days ago



    I have looked at (and installed) the OSCAT library. Lots of good TELNET server-side stuff there.

    I have resigned myself to hacking something together. My needs are so simple that doing so will probably work..

    That suggestion to look at the OSCAT source code will probably be most helpful!

    Perhaps I am overthinking this and it really is as simple as throwing the text of the command into a TCP connection directed at port 23 of the device. Then looking for a plain text response... The terminal control protocol starts to get complicated, but I don't think I need any of that stuff..


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