NMEA 2000 library for Codesys or some hints

  • teichhei

    teichhei - 2019-04-18

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to get some info from a Raymarine network into a Wago PLC. I believe I have the PGN pulled out of the CAN ID correctly but now what? Does anybody have any info how exactly those fields are built and multiple messages reassembled?
    I tried first on a car OBD port but that is a whole dogs breakfast if you don't know what to expect.
    I'm using Wago E!Cockpit so I have to receive the 29 bit frames and deal with them. A library would be great.

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  • somlioy

    somlioy - 2019-05-24

    If I'm not mistaken, the NMEA2000 standard is closed and costs several grands, and as far as I know theres no such thing as NMEA2000 library. Closest thing is: https://github.com/canboat/canboat, where they have done some reverse engineering.

    I think your best bet would be to use a NMEA2000-NMEA0183 converter where the latter i pure ASCII.

  • teichhei

    teichhei - 2019-07-10

    Thanks, CANBoat had all I needed to adapt. A few things are tricky though like injecting messages to control autopilot. So much traffic it is hard to find the right messages to spoof.

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  • Maximilian-K

    Maximilian-K - 2019-08-23

    I also believe you can set up a J1939 network in CoDeSys and add custom PGNs which you can point to the NMEA2k you want. Raymarine should have some sort of document with the common PGNs.


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