Recipe management through scripts

  • Shabroz.Gill

    Shabroz.Gill - 2015-08-28

    Is recipe management available through scripts? If not, is there any plan to add it in the near future

  • Anonymous - 2015-09-02

    Originally created by: M.Schaber


    There's currently no interface provided, but I did file it as improvement CDS-45407 in our jira database, so it will be implemented eventually.

  • PatrickT

    PatrickT - 2016-05-02

    The Recipe Manager Interface would be a very useful feature for our current project. As I don't have access to JIRA (we are a systems integrator, not a device manufacturer) would it be possible to check and let me know when this feature is expected to implemented?

  • Anonymous - 2016-05-12

    Originally created by: M.Schaber


    apart from registering with the OEM, there seems no official way for endusers to keep up to date.

    However, I made a comment to the jira issue to keep this thread up to date, so there is a chance that the developers responsible for this issue will poste a message here once it's fixed.

    Currently, the issue is not planned for the next service packs, as higher priority issues have preference.

    Thank you for your patience,


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