Anonymous - 2018-02-15

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We have the following situation; the CodeSys OPC server V2.3 is configured to connect with multiple PLC through multiple VPN tunnels. Attached is an export of the OPC server configuration file and the symbol file.

After restarting the CodeSys OPC Server it takes a lot of time for the OPC Server to initialize, during this initialization the server status is (no config). I have placed the symbol files in the folder: C:\ProgramData\Gateway Files\Upload and C:\ProgramData\Gateway Files\ I was expecting that this would result in ‘offline load’ of the symbols so that there is no delay when starting the OPC Server.

  1. How can I speed up the start-up time of the OPC server.

And I have to other questions;
2. Is there a limit in the number of PLCs that can be connected to one OPC Server?
3. I want to connect a client program which is running as a service and a client progam running as normal program on the same PC (the gateway is also active on this PC) it seems that these two cannot run simulaneously, why not, how can we achieve this?
4. We are only interested in a subset of the variables made available through the gateway, is it possible to limit the variables in the gateway?

Thanks in advance.

OPC_Config_2018 02 14T0850.txt [19.71 KiB]