Real time clock??

  • tomoklc

    tomoklc - 2013-01-15


    I work with Wago PLC in, and I have problem with codesys.
    How I can read in ladder real time(any block,library)??


  • shooter

    shooter - 2013-01-15


    it is the time passed since the system started
    answer is in 2.3 as wago has no V3 units yet.
    some wago do have RTC

    also have a look at the oscat library

  • timvh

    timvh - 2013-01-15

    Wago has the Speedway PLC which can be programmed with V3, but probably you have another type which can be programmed with V2.3. In that case add the library SysLibRtc.lib to you project.
    In this library is the function to get the real time clock information from the PLC: SysRtcGetTime


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