alm - 2019-08-06

Hello everyone,

so I'm currently working on drawing some stuff in 3d, and it looks like it works pretty good.
The only problem I have is that I can only draw "lines" from one point to another.
So I thought that I could maybe draw some lines and connect the last line to the first like with polygons and it could fill it inside.
There is a variable that is called "dwAddInfo" and the 2 Bit -> "dwAddInfo.1" can mark it as end of the path. this way I can draw one rectangle in one spot and another rectangle on another spot without them connecting with a line (path).
The comment on this variable says that only bit 0 and 1 are working, the others are reserved for the future.
Is it possible to fill the inside of such a "polygon"?

This is what I currently have:

I would like to fill those quboids. Because as you can see, you can see right through everything as it's just a wireframe.
Is there any way to accomplish this? Maybe not even with Path3D but something else that I am not aware of.
Thank for any help.

IMG: wireframe.png