mfaessler - 2019-12-04


our company is working with codesys 2.3 and now we slowly change to Codesys 3.5. Until now we could use the WAGO Stepper Modules with Codesys 2.3. everthing was working with the mailbox and ProcessBytes and the MC3 function blocks. The controller was communicating over the FB_StepperCommunication function block.
But now we would like to do the same with the Codesys 3.5. But there is no Function block like the FB_StepperCommunication ind codesys 2.3. I asked WAGO directly but they told me that their libraries are made for e-cockpit und not codesys3.5 and they can not suprt me.
Did anybody else a project with the Wago Stepper modul and Codesys 3.5 (NOT e-cockpit)?