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Configure Modbus device properties by ST codes

  • audi0615

    audi0615 - 2020-02-09


    Is it possible to configure Modbus Serial Port/Master/Slave device properties (i.e. COM port, Baud Rate, Function Code....) by ST codes??

    I need to configure the setting dynamically online.

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2020-02-10

    Not if the master is insert in the device tree.
    You must handle everything via IEC code, an example you will find in the FAQ's:

    https://faq.codesys.com/display/CDSFAQ/ ... figuration

    Regards Thomas

  • hence.persson

    hence.persson - 2020-02-14

    Is it the same thing true when you have configured the PLC as slave?

    I would really like to have the baudrates etc settable from Visualization.. (Change from ST code) but also i want the Com port etc in the device tree.
    I mean there are a button in the development tool if you are online to write the parameters so surely we must be able to change these parameters from PLC code also??

    IMG: ModbusRtu.PNG


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