how to convert library from CodeSys 2.3 to CodeSys 3.x ?

  • bacha.damin

    bacha.damin - 2017-05-29


    I like to convert library from CodeSys 2.3 to CodeSys 3.x ?
    i think that is possible !


  • HHermsen

    HHermsen - 2017-06-04

    Just open a codesys 2.3 project in codesys 3.5, then the converter starts.

  • frodi

    frodi - 2017-06-13


    When I'm opening a Codesys 2.3 library with Codesys 3.5, I do see some conversion taking place.

    Including the converted library into a 3.5 project does compile. But when trying to load it into a PLC, I get "Unresolved references"

    Any ideas where these come from?

    I also noticed in the converted library project, the POU tree shows (FB)(EXT) behind the POU name.
    In the 2.3 version of the project, (FB) is shown.

    What's the reason behind this (EXT)?

    Thanks in Advance

  • HHermsen

    HHermsen - 2017-06-14

    In the help files installed by the IDE can guide you through the steps.
    Converting a library can be tedeious and time prone.
    Also beware, there is no real guarantee that conversion will succeed, and there are several ways to do it!

  • frodi

    frodi - 2017-07-06

    Found the culprit of the "(EXT)".
    When saving the 2.3 project, I saved it as an "external" library. That meant I had to implement en compile the interface outside of Codesys, (for example in C).
    Saving the library as "internal" fixed it for me.
    Codesys 3.5 was able to convert it without any issues.

  • fleaplc

    fleaplc - 2018-08-06

    in Codesys 3.5 SP13 I'm not able to open a project created with 2.3...what I miss? I just trying by File-->Open but no 2.3 project can be loaded

  • fleaplc

    fleaplc - 2018-08-07

    got it! I used for 64bit IDE version (conversion from 2.3 to 3.5 is available in 32 bit only)

  • HHermsen

    HHermsen - 2018-08-17

    As you have already discovered, the x64 version of the CODESYS v3 IDE does not support the conversion tool.
    A possible but a bit crude workaround is to install both x64 and x86 IDE's in tandem.

  • foby

    foby - 2020-01-21

    I have a problem openening the older (2.3) libs.
    There should be an option 'Codesys library files(before V3.0)' in the filetype selection box in the 'open project' window.
    I friend of mine has it, but I don't.
    I use version 3.5.14 patch 2 64bit and as you mentioned before, it should only be possible in the 32bit version.
    So I installed version 3.5.15 patch 2 32bit in tandem, but the option does not appear in this version too.

    What can I do to fix this problem?

    IMG: 1.png

    IMG: 2.png


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