DavidCozens - 2016-02-20

I run CODESYS in a windows virtual machine under vmware fusion on a macbook pro. I hadn't used it for a while and then found that although the WIBU key was being found and mounted in the VM the licenses were not found. I wasn't sure what had changed, originally I thought it was upgrading the VM to windows 10.

I stumbled on a posting that said the WIBU keys do not work on USB3.0. My mac only has USB3.0 ports, and although I have had this setup working I wondered if this could be the issue. It turns out that this was the cause, and this is the work around that got me going again.

  1. Shutdown the VM
  2. In the VM find the USB and Bluetooth settings
  3. Select Advanced USB settings
  4. Select Advanced USB options, under USB Compatibility select USB 2.0 (Mine was set to USB 3.0).
  5. Start the VM

For me everything then worked. I hope this helps someone.