Gateway not configued property

  • cheol hong kim

    cheol hong kim - 2019-08-31

    after adding Ethernet device, i push the Interface Browsing Button.
    The pop-up is displayed "Gateway not configued property"
    all the phenomenon is the same in Test Enviorment:
    Codesys , ,
    windows 7 64bit, 32bit
    Windows 10 64bit

    IMG: cap.PNG

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2019-09-04

    The button is trying to find this path:
    CODESYS Development System
    CODESYS Gateway
    CODESYS Control Win V3

    You have to make sure your gateway and Control Win V3 PLC are running, then configure the communication by double clicking the Control Win V3 at the top of your devices tree.

    More detail can be found here: ... g-sections m


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