.project.~u save frequency

  • nholty

    nholty - 2019-12-18

    For a new project, it is required to have the project file inside of a Onedrive/Sharepoint folder. This is not an issue apart from the fact that there is some temporary file being saved around every second, with the extension .project.~u, with a filename the same as the actual project.

    This frequent saving of this file causes Onedrive to throw back an error after a while, because of the many attempts to upload the file.
    I already tried disallowing the extension from Onedrive, but this just gives back a message that I'm trying to upload a file with a restricted extension.

    Is there any way that I can alter the save-frequency, or disable this in general?

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2019-12-18

    Hmm, you're right about OneDrive not being suitable for you.
    https://onedrive.uservoice.com/forums/9 ... clude-sele

    .~u is, I think, a lock file to stop other instances of the IDE from opening the code together. Seems important. Maybe you could break it by making a folder with the same name in its place. Not sure if the IDE will chuck a hissy fit if you do this though worth a shot until you can get a real solution.

  • Anonymous - 2019-12-18

    Originally created by: scott_cunningham

    Speak to whomever is making this requirement. I am sure you are not the only person who is having this problem. There are a lot of software packages that perform the same temp file access.

    Tip - One Drive can be dangerous and should not be considered a backup method! One Drive blindly keeps files exactly the same - so if you accidentally save garbage and mess up your file, One Drive will conveniently update all other copies to be the messed up version.

  • nholty

    nholty - 2019-12-20

    Thanks for the replies. It's not a real requirement, but since I'm in a company that is currently fusing into a multinational, we already had to start working from Sharepoints with all documents and we decided that it's wise to keep all documents we use in one place, so we switched from onsite network storage to cloud-based.

    Of course I could just keep it on the network, but I'd rather not have to maintain more locations where data can be found, hence my question.

  • Anonymous - 2019-12-20

    Originally created by: scott_cunningham

    One option could be using Mercurial (or other version control) version control. You can put the “master” files on the network, pull clones for local use, push changes. Have share point point to the master files or have the master push changes to share point (I know the master can push on a change because automatic build systems can be setup that way).


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