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codesyscontrol running listening on port 22000, how to communicate with it?

  • brunobronosky

    brunobronosky - 2022-01-10

    I have purchased a piece of hardware that has a RS-485/ModBus interface in it which is used by codesys. I know nothing about codesys, I only heard of it when I ssh'd into the piece of hardware. I'm very limited in my ability to investigate the environment because it is running busybox Linux and the tools are scant.

    I know that a GUI the manufacturer provided is connecting on ports 22000 & 6000 and they are sending these commands on ModBus:


    But I don't know how to read or write to the ModBus using anything other than their GUI. Any hints would be appreciated.


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  • brunobronosky

    brunobronosky - 2022-01-12

    I was told by the manufacturer that it is port 6000 that handlesModBus. I have captured it with a MITM Proxy but I cannot make any sense of it. I'm hoping that the modbus interface is mounted as a serial device somewhere.

    The file has:


    And the filesystem has:


    I have tried to pipe printf $status (all those vars) to those devices, but I get either nothing, or it hangs when I then try to cat the device.

  • brunobronosky

    brunobronosky - 2022-01-12

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