Adding PDO mapping variables in EL6751-0010 (CAN slave)

  • t.lundahl

    t.lundahl - 2014-09-08

    Hi, have some problem with adding variables to the PDO mapping for a Beckhoff EL6751 slave.

    I'm using Festo version of Codesys v3.5 SP4 P1. I tried to add the eds file in version 2.3 and change the mapping without any problem, also mapped the device on a Twincat PLC. In Twincat I'll get 2 predefined variables, in Codesys V3.5 I will only get 1 ghosted (light grey).

    Have anyone else had this problem?

    EL6751 [4.88 KiB]

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2014-09-08

    hard to say, guess we need the CODESYS V3 project or at least the screenshots from your configuration tree... and
    PDO Mapping.


  • Anonymous - 2019-08-16

    Originally created by: MR_CAN


    even if the post is 5 years old, I have a problem with configuring the EL6751-0010 in Codesys too.

    @t.lundahl: Have you found a solution?

    Edwin Schwellinger asked for screenshots and project file. I have attached both.

    Best regards,

    IMG: 2.png

    IMG: 1.png

    Beckhoff EL6751 0010 in PFC200.project [234.68 KiB]


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